Franchesca Vermillion, DC

Assistant Clinic Director

Clinic location: Health Centers of UWS, East Portland
Prior Schooling: BA from University of Denver, DC from University of Western States.

Dr. Vermillion hails from Western New York. She received her undergraduate degree in molecular biology from the University of Denver. It was during this time that she fell in love with micronutrients and how they work in the body. She is passionate about making sure the body has all of the nutrition requirements it needs to function well. Dr. Vermillion attended University of Western States receiving her doctorate of chiropractic degree in 2006.

What made you decide to join the staff at the Health Centers at UWS?
I worked at UWS prior to being hired for this position. Starting in 2008, I did vacation relief and helped to start the intern clinic rotation at Outside In. In 2013, I left the university to grow a private practice. After selling that practice, I heard about Dr. Anita Roberts’s retirement and inquired about the position. It interested me because I love working with students and patients alike. I am looking forward to coming back to the university. I know I have big shoes to fill with the retirement of Dr. Roberts.

What excites you the most about the UWS clinic system and its future?
The program was different when I went through the clinic system. I like the changes that have been implemented. They focus more on ensuring the interns are competent and feel comfortable stepping out into the world. There is less of a focus on numbers and hours in the clinic and more focus on experience, which I think facilitates learning. I also love the shift to electronic records as well.

What is your new role going to be and what are you going to specialize in?
I will step into the role of chiropractic physician and clinician supervisor at the Health Centers of UWS, East Portland location.

What is your top priority for your first year in your new position?
Dr. Roberts has been with this practice for more than 30 years. I have a lot of patients and their history to learn as I take over. I want to be able to help them feel comfortable with me and feel confident that I will take care of them. I am looking forward to building rapport with the patients and interns alike.

Favorite thing to do around Portland?
I love learning about the history of Portland and trying out the new restaurants that crop up all over. This city is a great place to live for fun and healthy eating.