Dr. Ron Manns


ron manns

Starting In 1987 Ron Manns worked as a Registered Nurse in an intensive care unit with a heart transplant team in Houston, Texas and next in a cardiac recovery unit in Beaverton, Oregon.  The high stress atmosphere of working in intensive care combined with his brother’s (David Manns, Class of 1988) positive influence, Manns decided to make a major career change and enrolled at UWS.

After graduating in 1993, Manns and his wife moved to Calgary, Alberta, Canada where he joined a clinic that had five other Chiropractors. In addition to his regular practice, he had a weekly radio show called ‘Body Talk’ where he interviewed health professionals. He dedicated some shows to the discussion of Chiropractic topics and encouraged people to give it a try.

“The radio show was hard work and it took hours to prepare for every week, but it was well worth it and I feel like we got important information out there.  I wouldn’t wait for a caller to ask about the scary topics,” Manns said. “If you address the tough concerns people have straight away you’re more likely to gain their confidence.”

In 2003 a unique opportunity presented itself in Puerto Rico. Manns and his wife fell in love with the local people, culture and weather and decided it was the place for them. After passing the Puerto Rican Boards the Manns’ relocated to Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.

While practicing in Puerto Rico the last 9 years, Dr. Manns has strived to educate the local population about chiropractic and how it can benefit everyone from infancy to old age. Dr. Manns reached further when he saw an opportunity to help the employees of local industries.

“I have targeted industries here in Puerto Rico because I saw the need to educate local employers and their employees about what we do and how we can help people at their place of work.  I have met with Heads of various companies, as well as their Human Resources Departments discussing everything from simple ergonomics to the undisputed benefits of Chiropractic as it pertains to the prevention of injury in the work place and consequent decrease in Worker’s Compensation Claims.”

This approach of treating employees at their place of work has been very successful and has led to contracts with companies such as Honeywell Aerospace Puerto Rico, wherein Dr. Manns currently provides treatment to their workforce twice a week.

“Opportunities are abundant if you just insert yourself into as many places as possible,” Manns said. “You cannot expect people to just stumble through your office door unless you’ve put yourself out there. UWS gave us all the skills we need to help people, but it is our job to figure out how we’re going to let people know what we’re capable of.”