Brianna Dutton, DC

Resident in Diagnostic Imaging

Briana Dutton

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 503-847-2614

Program & Concentration: MS in Diagnostic Imaging, Radiology Resident

Hometown: Tracy, California

Prior Education or Experience: DC – Life Chiropractic College West, BS in Health Science – Saint Mary’s College of California

Dr. Dutton is an aspiring radiologist, a wanderlust queen and a wannabe hiker. She has the uncanny ability to stuff multiple textbooks into her purse and always knows where the nearest coffee shop is.

  1. Why did you choose to specialize in diagnostic imaging? Why did you choose UWS?
    I’ve had many times in my life where X-rays have been my saving grace, including the discovery and management of my scoliosis as well as finding out I had an unknown wrist fracture for many years (crazy, right!?). Even since childhood, the X-ray images I got to look at of myself have fascinated me and have meant so much to my health. It sparked an early interest in being a part of that experience for others. Choosing UWS was a very easy choice because of all it has to offer, including opportunities to teach, lead my own research thesis, work closely with multiple radiologists, and all while becoming a master in the craft of diagnostic imaging. This combination of opportunities is what made UWS stand out from other programs.
  2. What do you hope to do after you complete your residency?
    Following the residency, I hope to become a radiologist a chiropractic college clinic, where I can take on the role of the very people who inspired me to take this path. I would like to also teach continuing education to practitioners both inside and outside of the chiropractic profession. I see a big benefit in reaching out to other health care professionals to share our strengths and learn from each other. Additionally, I plan to have a private radiographic consulting practice for fellow chiropractors.
  3. Wild Card: Favorite way to get some stress out from school?
    Lucky for us here at UWS, Portland has no shortage of activities to get some stress out. I enjoy getting out into nature and finding new hiking spots any chance I get. So far I have not repeated any! To truly unwind after a long week, I will go spend time with my horse, Tibet, by going for a ride or spoiling him with carrots and apples.