Analia Hermosillo

Campus Store Manager

Analia Hermosillo graduated from the Art Institutes of Portland in 2013 where she majored in culinary arts. In fall of that year she began working at University of Western States in the Chiro Café creating healthy and fresh meals. As the needs of the campus evolved, Analia transitioned to the UWS Campus Store and Spinal Tap in 2017 becoming a campus store and food service assistant. You can currently find her in the campus store where she oversees the store’s daily operations as the manager.

Although her work at the university has evolved away from active food service she has catered, bartended and taught various culinary classes around the Portland area. Most notably she was the sous chef for a Japanese New Year event where she prepared osechi for the Japanese Consulate and Consulate General of Japan. In her free time she often bakes sourdough and expands her culinary skills.

Her interest in art is not limited to the culinary arts alone. Analia enjoys drawing, painting, natural dyeing and traditional Hawaiian jewelry making in her spare time. She also has a passion for glass blowing and woodworking.

Growing up in Hawai’i fostered her love of nature and outdoor activities, which she has embraced in the PNW. Here in Oregon, she spends much of her time outside foraging mainly for mushrooms and hunting for semiprecious gems. When traveling home she is often at the beach enjoying activities such as swimming, freediving, body surfing and cliff diving.