Josh Cooper

Helping people live their best life has always been a central drive in Dr. Joshua Cooper’s professional life.  Beginning with


Kristin Ochs

Dr. Kristin Ochs (DC 2013) came to UWS after working as a personal trainer and nutritionist. Her drive to learn early on even led

Dr. Kathryn Ross Headshot

Kathryn Ross

Dr. Kathryn Ross is an associate professor at the University of Western States Health Center. She graduated from Western States

Lyssa Kemble headshot

Lyssa Kemble

Hello! My name is Lyssa and I am an admissions counselor here at University of Western States. Originally from rural southwest

Dr. Heidi Clark Headshot

Heidi Clark

Dr. Clark is an assistant professor in the new naturopathic medicine program at the University of Western States, of which she is


Amy O’Hana

Dr. Amy O’Hana has been a full-time faculty member in the clinical mental health counseling program since 2021. She graduated


Amanda Leibovitz

Dr. Amanda Leibovitz earned a PhD in educational psychology with a concentration in the psychosocial aspects of sport and

Gily Meir

Gily Meir

Dr. Gily Meir is a certified mental performance consultant (CMPC) through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) and

Christopher Stanley headshot

Christopher Stanley

Christopher Stanley earned an MS in sport and exercise psychology from Florida State University, and a PhD in developmental

Ashley Koch headshot

Ashley Koch

Bio: Ashley Koch, MS, CNS is a functional medicine nutritionist, Certified Nutrition Specialist, and educator who works with

kitt guaraldi

Kitt Guaraldi

With a unique ability to befriend humans of all ages, Dr. Kitt Guaraldi engages with patients believing that every person