Donor Recognition

We are pleased to recognize those who contributed financially to the university from January 2017 to date, as well as those who have referred students who are now enrolled in a UWS program, from the winter 2017 term to date.

Our best effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our list. If you notice an error, please contact Kelli Rule, development officer, at 503-847-2556 or so we may correct it online and in future publications.

Bequest Society

These individuals have kindly notified us of their intent to leave a provision to UWS in their will.

Dr. Jan Neal (class of 1986) and Mr. Britton Kennedy
Dr. Orval S. Ladd (class of 1957)
Dr. Rae Lyn Winblad (class of 1983)
Dr. Rosemary Zimmerman (class of 1984) and Dr. Mark Zimmerman

Leadership Partners – Gold

gifts of $50,000-$100,000+ per year

Standard Process □

Leadership Partners

gifts of $25,000 – $49,000

Integrative Therapeutics

Visionary Conservators – Gold

gifts of $10,000 – $24,999

Lifetimer Intl.

Visionary Conservators

gifts of $5,000 – $9,999

2017 Board of Trustees
Dr. Joseph and Ami Brimhall ◊
The CHP Group ●
Foot Levelers
Performance Health

Heritage Circle

gifts of $2,500 – $4,999

Mr. David Baum – in memory of Dr. Lester Lamm
Dr. Sharron Fuchs
The Gatti Law Firm
Dr. Donald Hammond ◊
Performance Health
Dr. Nikita Vizniak

President’s Society

gifts of $1,000 – $2,499

Dr. William Borman ◊
Dr. Pat Browne □
Dr. Raymond Capone III
Dr. Patricia G. Conners-Allen
Davidson Benefits Planning
Dr. Daniel DeLapp
Dr. Jennifer Forbes
Dr. Bev Harger ◊
Dr. Dennis Harper
Dr. Timothy Igielski
Dr. Clyde Jensen
The Joint Chiropractic
Dr. Robert Jones
Dr. Tim Klena
Dr. Sharon Krieger
Dr. Lester and Dr. Laura Lamm ◊
Dr. Bobby Lucas
Dr. Charlotte Matityahu
Dr. Joyce McClure
Ms. Sandy Mooney
Dr. Bill and Karen Moreau □
Dr. Elli Morton – in memory of Dr. Lester Lamm
Mr. Steven Moulds – in memory of Dr. Lester Lamm
Moss Adams LLP
Drs. John and Georgia Nab
National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
Nutritional Therapy Association
Dr. David Peeace
Dr. Michael Pettet
Dr. Joseph and Dr. Barbara Pfeifer □
Dr. Jay Robinson
Dr. Michael Sears
Dr. Murray Smith
Dr. Mark Sutton ◊
Ms. Janet Tapper ●
U.S. Bank
Dr. Julia Wilber

President’s Society – Student Referral Program

from winter 2017 to date

Dr. Richard Allen
Dr. Andrew Alvis
Mr. Ryan Averett
Dr. Amy Berglund
Dr. Shireesh Bhalerao
Mr. Chris Brindley
Dr. Craig Buhler
Ms. Jenna Collie
Ms. Penny Comins
Mr. Thomas Easley
Dr. Dustin Elliott
Dr. Jennifer Forbes
Mr. Brandon Fromm
Dr. Aaron Gardner
Dr. Glenn Gumaer
Dr. Benjamin Heath
Ms. Trisha Howell
Mr. Benael John-Rose
Dr. Elna Johnson
Dr. Eric Loberg
Dr. Michael Lovich
Mr. William Lutz
Mr. Brent Marshall
Dr. Kristin McMillan
Dr. William Moore
Ms. Andrea Nakayama
Ms. Coco Newton
Olivia Pelaez
Ms. Annette Reed
Dr. Sharilyn Rennie
Dr. Beth Rizer
Dr. Matthew Roller
Dr. Paul Schones
Dr. Chris Scott
Mrs. Karen Thomas
Dr. Meghan Thomas
Ms. Anne Townley

Wellness Steward

gifts of $500 – $999

Dr. Christopher Bess
Dr. Morgan Carlson
CleanNet of the Northwest
Dr. Jessica Desbrow
Mr. John Greaney
Dr. Michael Haneline
Dr. Robert Hollingsworth
Dr. Bernadette Howlett
Mr. James Mascenik
MedPro Group
Dr. Daniel Murphy ◊
Oregon Chiropractic Association
Dr. Ronald Rogers
Ms. Jan Schwartz
Ultimate Software
Dr. Ronald Watson

Mindfulness Community

gifts of $250 – $499

Dr. Rebekah Anderson
Dr. Dan Beeson
Dr. Donald Bonney
Dr. Richard Cole
Dr. Richard Cowles
Dennis 7 Dees
Dr. Philip Devasto
Dr. Travis Dunlap
Dr. Bradley Eyford
Dr. Matt Freedman – Pure Life Chiropractic
Dr. James Gerber
Dr. Lisa Hoffman ◊
Dr. Brandi Kuhn
Dr. Suzanne Lady
Dr. Ron LeFebvre ●
Dr. Owen Lynch □
Dr. Kathleen Manley
Dr. Sara Mathov
Ms. Rosalia Messina
Dr. Bryce Milam
Dr. Alex and Dr. Rachael Pandzik
Dr. LaVerne Saboe, Jr.
Dr. Jill Schuldt
Dr. Barbara Stewart
Dr. Susan Strom – in honor of Savanna Ray
Ms. Mary Beth Young – in honor of Dr. Amanda Armington and the CHC staff

Legacy Builders

gifts up to $249

Dr. Rick Allen
Dr. Amanda Armington
Ms. Nelda Armstrong
Dr. Laura Baffes
Dr. Stephen Bender
Dr. Shireesh Bhalerao
Dr. Mel Bornstein
Dr. Adam Bramble
Buddy Rest Products
Buffalo Wild Wings
Ms. Peggy Burgus
Ms. Kathleen Cannon
Dr. Michael Carnes
Dr. Bruce Chaser
Cheryl’s Off 12th
Dr. Joshua Christensen
Dr. Patrick Conlin
Dr. Mia Crupper
Dr. Cathy Cummins
Dr. Amarpaul Dhaliwal
Ms. Susan Dunn
Dr. Horace Elliott
Dr. Stan Ewald
Ms. Alisa Fairweather
Dr. Christine Farlow
Float On
Mr. Jim Friscia
Dr. Shannon Gaertner-Ewing
Dr. Tim Gallucci – MyoMetal
Dr. Lorraine Ginter ◊
Dr. Larry Hanberg
Ms. Ingrid Haugaard
Dr. Sean Herrin
Drs. Elise and Randy Hewitt
Mr. Hank Hirsch ◊
Dr. Lisa Hoffman
Ms. Paula Houser
Ms. Elena Howells
Dr. Alice Jacobson □
Dr. Jeffrey Johnson
Dr. Kevin S. Johnson
Dr. Jabeen Jussa
Dr. Michael Kirkland
Ms. Olga Klochkova
Dr. Kenneth Koenig
Dr. Clark Konczak
Dr. Jacqueline Laarabi
Dr. Ted Lauer ◊
Dr. Kevin Leung
Dr. Monte Lindmier
Dr. Verl P. Long
Ms. Lisa Lopez
Dr. Angela Macdonald
Made Here PDX
Dr. Lee McCaffrey
Dr. Bonnie McDowell
Dr. Stephen Mellor
Dr. Patrick Montgomery
Mt. Scott Fuel Co.
New Seasons
Ms. Chelsea Nordby
Ms. Laurie Novak
Ms. Megan Nugent
Dr. Molly Ouellette
Dr. Dave Panzer ◊
Ms. Kathleen Parrish
Dr. David Perham, Jr.
Dr. Richard L. Peterson
Dr. Richard Pozar
Dr. Ravid Raphael ◊
Dr. Timothy Ray
Dr. Daniel Redwood
Dr. Gordon Rody – in memory of Dr. Lester Lamm
Ms. Jennifer Rosenberger – in memory of Dr. Lester Lamm
Ms. Kelli Rule
Dr. Jon Schwartzbauer – in memory of Dr. Lester Lamm
Dr. Andrew Shaw
Dr. Priscilla Shea
Dr. Julie Shivley
Dr. Chuck Simpson
Dr. Dana Sims-Barbarick
Dr. Dawn Smallwood
Solutions4 Natural Clinical Health
Spinal Tap and the UWS Campus Store
Mx. Erika Stanley and Ms. Mary Stafford
Dr. Brett Stine
Dr. James Strange
Dr. Steven Storla
Ms. Julie Stutzman
Mr. Peter Szucs
Dr. Rebecca Taylor
Trader Joe’s
Ms. Jessica Vollendorf
Dr. Jamey Wallace
Dr. Kelli Pearson and Dr. Dana Weary
Dr. Edward Welch
Dr. Spencer Williams
Dr. Rae Lyn Winblad
Wooden Chicken Pub
Woodland Wood Connections
Dr. Chris Zander
Dr. Megan Zetter
Dr. Megan Ziskovsky

We are pleased to recognize our community of financial supporters. Long-time, consistent donors are identified with one of these symbols:

□  5 year +
● 10 year +
◊ 15 or more years
To inquire about the benefits of UWS giving levels or other methods of giving, please contact Kelli Rule, development officer, at or 503-847-2556.