Discover Chiropractic at UWS

The mission of University of Western States (UWS) is to prepare students as competent chiropractic physicians who apply evidence-informed, patient-centered strategies with professionalism. 

UWS has an innovative, evidence-informed approach to whole-person care combining research, strong academics, doctors’ knowledge and the inclusion of the patient’s or client’s personal evidence in pursuing courses of treatment. The curriculum is structured to integrate concepts and skills across the basic, clinical and chiropractic sciences that are ultimately applied to patient care.

Taught on our state-of-the-art campus in Portland, Oregon, chiropractic students learn from experienced faculty working in the health care field. Gain real-world knowledge to treat patients more effectively with a relationship-centric approach.


  • Second oldest chiropractic university – established in 1904 – on campus in Portland, Oregon
  • 12 academic-quarter doctoral program that can be completed in three years
  • Classes start in January and October
  • Tuition is $10,414 per quarter


  • Our National Board scores are well-above average.
  • Low student loan default rate (which means students get jobs quickly).
  • Financial aid is available to those who qualify.
  • Concurrent programs available to tailor your degree and save money.


UWS doctor of chiropractic students have the opportunity to complete their undergraduate bachelor’s degree in human biology while enrolled in the DC program, without having to take extra classes. Learn more about this benefit.

The university offers master’s and doctoral programs that can be taken concurrently with the DC program allowing you to expand the services you can offer to your patients. These include:

  • Sports Medicine
  • Sport and Performance Psychology
  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine


UWS is located in Portland, Oregon, a city unlike any other. It’s home to 10,000 acres of public parks, hundreds of food carts and a vibrant bike scene. The people, culture and atmosphere make it a truly one-of-a kind city and a place that enthusiastically welcomes health and wellness professionals.