Doctor of Clinical Nutrition at UWS

The Doctor of Clinical Nutrition (DCN) program is offered as a collaborative endeavor between UWS and the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), the organization that founded and developed many functional medicine concepts in use today. The DCN program maintains this central focus on functional medicine for optimal clinical results. 

This degree is clinically-focused, with emphasis on treating conditions and risk factors using dietary and nutritional interventions. Communities are struggling with an increasing burden of chronic, complex illnesses – many of which are perpetuated by suboptimal nutrition. To address the most challenging patient cases, we need expert practitioners, doctors of clinical nutrition, who can apply advanced evaluation and treatment strategies to find the underlying drivers of illness and help to resolve them. For this reason, our Doctor of Clinical Nutrition program utilizes a functional medicine model, enabling students to integrate the best available scientific evidence with a comprehensive, whole-person care approach. With this knowledge, doctors of clinical nutrition can also develop targeted, individualized prevention plans to help reduce the risk of chronic illness and support optimal physical, mental and emotional well-being for the patients and clients they serve.

The program is 100% online and eligible for financial aid.

Functional medicine is a science-based, patient-centered and systems-oriented approach to helping people achieve and maintain excellent health. This is accomplished primarily through natural methods, with diet and nutrition as a central focus. It is a forefront model for health care practice that seeks to address the causes of disease and dysfunction rather than suppressing symptoms.

Doctor of Clinical Nutrition
Format: online
Length: 8 quarters
Credits: 65 quarter (43.3 semester)
Entry Term: October

Are you qualified?

The Doctor of Clinical Nutrition program is very specialized and requires a certain set of qualifications in order to apply. Please review the requirements below to ensure you qualify. Minimum Education: Master’s degree or equivalent in human nutrition GPA Requirements:Minimum graduate GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. *Applicants with a GPA below 3.0 please contact admissions. Required Courses (DCN):

·         Macro-/micronutrients

·         Whole food nutrition

·         Nutritional supplementation

·         Meal planning

·         Functional medicine