Community Based Internship (CBI) Application

Your participation in the University of Western States Community Based Internship (CBI) program is greatly appreciated. This program is designed to further enhance the learning and skillset of our chiropractic interns in a practice setting outside the campus setting. The UWS doctoral program in chiropractic is a 12-quarter program. Interns may participate in the UWS CBI program during their 10th and 11th quarters. In their final 12th quarter, the intern may experience study in their preceptor clinical rotation.

Participation in this program is a privilege for interns. The participating interns have demonstrated the necessary competencies to help you with patient care. In addition to meeting competency, each intern provides a resume in support of their interest in the CBI program.

CBI interns are required to complete 25 weekly contact hours in patient care. By agreeing to participate in this program, you are also agreeing to provide 25 hours per week of patient care for the UWS intern.

In Oregon, applicants must be licensed for a minimum of four (4) years to participate in in the UWS CBI program. Washington state requires licensure for a minimum of five (5) years.

Please carefully review the required information on the CBI application. All items and documents must be submitted with the CBI application below.

  • Copy of current chiropractic license
  • Current curriculum vitae 
  • Copy of current declaration of malpractice insurance
  • Claims history authorization
  • Copy of current x-ray supervisor and operator license (if applicable)