UWS Alumni Book Club


The UWS Alumni Book Club is an online community where UWS alumni, friends, faculty and staff connect with each other to read and discuss books on a wide range of health and professional topics, as well as member-submitted recommendations.

How it works

The book club will connect through a private online forum where members can discuss the current book and network with each other. The group will spend approximately two months on each book, so you’ll have plenty of time to read. As a member, you are able to participate in some or all of our book selections as your schedule allows. There is no cost to participate – you just have to get a copy of the book to enjoy.

Why should you join?

There are three main reasons we hope you’ll be excited to participate in our book club:

1) Connect and network with your fellow peers
2) Be a part of a lifelong learning community
3) Reading benefits your health and well-being

Book selections


January 2022 Selection

The Push

By Ashley Audrain

A tense, page-turning psychological drama about the making and breaking of a family, and a woman whose experience of motherhood is nothing at all what she hoped for and everything she feared. A Good Morning America Book Club Pick and a New York Times bestseller!

A Good Provider Is One Who Leaves: One Family and Migration in the 21st Century

October 2021 Selection

A Good Provider Is One Who Leaves: One Family and Migration in the 21st Century

By Jason DeParle

The definitive chronicle of our new age of global migration, told through the multi-generational saga of a Filipino family, by a veteran New York Times reporter and two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist.

The Perfectionists

August 2021 Selection

The Perfectionists: How Precision Engineers Created the Modern World

By Simon Winchester

The revered New York Times bestselling author traces the development of technology from the Industrial Age to the Digital Age to explore the single component crucial to advancement—precision—in a superb history that is both an homage and a warning for our future.


May 2021 Selection

Together: The Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World

By Vivek H. Murthy

In Together, the former Surgeon General addresses the overlooked epidemic of loneliness as the underpinning to the current crisis in mental wellness and offers solutions to create connection and stresses the importance of community to counteract the forces driving us to depression and isolation.

Our book club partner

PBC Guru manages professional book clubs for companies, libraries and alumni associations. Lisa from PBC guru will be moderating our book club to help make this program a great experience for all participants.