ASB Elections: Why You Should Become Involved in Student Government

UWS logo in entrance

Do you have interest in joining the University of Western States (UWS) Associated Student Body (ASB) to help elevate the student voice? During the spring 2023 quarter, ASB is holding open elections for the new executive officers. All UWS students enrolled in a degree-seeking program, certificate or academic credential are considered members of ASB and are encouraged to run for a position. Learn more about ASB and the executive officer positions and submit your nominations on the ASB webpage.

The purpose of the UWS ASB is to support the UWS mission and core values, along with the educational, professional, social and cultural development of its members through:

  • Representation and advocacy for ASB member interests
  • Cultivation of acceptance, inclusion and a sense of belonging among ASB members
  • Organization of programming and activities to support student well-being and professional development

Read profiles from the 2022-23 ASB executive committee members, as they describe what they gained from their involvement!


Kendra Jensen, Doctor of Chiropractic Program, Q6, Sports Med Q1

Current Position: President

“I became involved in ASB because I value community. I love getting involved in my community and facilitating that feeling of togetherness. During my time on ASB, I’ve learned so much about how the school operates and coordinating meetings. I’ve gotten more confident presenting and articulating my ideas and feelings, as well as giving my opinion. You would be a good fit for ASB if you enjoy organizing events and being a voice for your fellow students. My favorite part of my involvement was having conversations with administration about topics such as accessibility, disability, diversity and how to make the school as welcoming as possible.”


Larissa Omura, Doctor of Chiropractic Program, Q9

Current Position: Secretary

“With the shift from being completely online due to COVID to back on-campus full time (and the transition onto the new campus), I felt there was a lack of student involvement and a sense of “community” we had to rebuild. I got involved with ASB in hopes to increase student engagement, build an on-campus community, and bridge the gap between students and administration. Being involved in ASB has helped me grow both personally and professionally. Throughout my time, I developed better leadership, communication and time management skills that allowed me to practice and utilize these skills in clinic and eventually in my future practice. Why should others get involved with ASB? Why not? You get to know your peers and faculty on-campus. You become a point of contact between students and administration, which really makes you feel like you’re making a difference. You also plan fun events and projects everyone enjoys, and the skills you learn through ASB will help you to succeed in your future career.”


Melanie Muller, Doctor of Chiropractic Program, Q10

Current Position: Treasurer

“I got involved in ASB to help bridge the gap between students and administration. Being involved in ASB allows you to see behind the scenes of many operations at the school. To excel on ASB, you are someone who is passionate about the betterment of the student experience, even if you might not necessarily receive the benefits yourself. My favorite ASB project has been meeting new Q1 students on orientation day (and the food carts, of course)!”


Lauren Crowe, Doctor of Chiropractic Program, Q10, Sport Med Q5

Current Position: DC College Officer

“I joined ASB to represent the chiropractic students and to help concisely present our wants and needs to administration. Being a part of ASB has given me a new understanding of school operations, as well as management of many different voices, opinions, and ideas while working within established rules and policies. You’d be great for ASB, and ASB would be great for you, if you care about the students and the school as a whole. You’ll be able to make some differences in the short-term, as well as help influence the long-term decisions! My favorite part of being involved has been meeting students in my own quarter and others that I otherwise wouldn’t have met! Being a friendly face, a listening ear and a thoughtful advocate for the students has been fulfilling, and I am so thankful for this experience.”

Erin Cochran headshot

Erin Cochran, EdD-Sport and Performance Psychology, MS-Clinical Mental Health Counseling Specialization, 5th year

Current Position: Graduate Studies College Officer

“Being a student in two rigorous online UWS graduate programs has been profoundly rewarding and while we have a sense of community through regular class meetings on Zoom and digital hangouts, that feeling of collegiality can be different than an in-person program. I joined ASB to help advocate for the voices of our online student population and how we can continue to grow feelings of togetherness. I’ve enjoyed getting to know my fellow ASB members in the chiropractic program, because ultimately, we all have the same goal – to ensure UWS an amazing place to earn a degree. If you want to help make a difference, ASB is the place for you!”

Dylan Shalagan

Dylan Shalagan, Doctor of Chiropractic Program, Q10

Current Position: DEI Officer

“I joined ASB to help rebuild a sense of student community on campus and help bridge the gap between students and administration. Throughout my time as ASB diversity, equity and inclusion officer, I’ve gained experience serving on a university committee and have had the opportunity to listen to and understand the perspectives of people who share a common objective but have diverse backgrounds. Going forward, I’m glad to have had the opportunity to build connections and friendships with students, faculty and staff at UWS. I know many of them are more than willing to share their insight should I call on them in the future.”