Tips for Applying to our Massage Therapy Program

Students often ask me for tips on how to get their application process expedited and/or to ensure that they are putting in their best application materials possible. Here are some ideas to help the application process go more smoothly!

1) Come for a campus tour and/or sit in on a UWS class to be sure that this program is the Right Fit for your future! Talk with your admissions advisor about the curriculum, the massage field, the licensing process, and the resources that UWS offers.

2) Connect with a current student or an Alumni to ask questions about the program to get a sense of what you are embarking upon. Your admissions advisor can make this connection for you.

3) Take a minute to read this article, on what ‘life as a Massage Therapy student may be like.​

4) When you are ready to apply – be sure to turn off your pop-up blocker on your computer before beginning your online application!

5) Pull up the UWS application on-line and review the supplemental questions and statement of purpose/resume prior to filling out the form. Copy and paste those questions into a Word document so that you can prepare your answers thoughtfully and thoroughly. You should be prompted to attach these as supporting documents when you are ready to submit your application form online. (If you are not able to include as attachments then these can be emailed directly to [email protected]).

6) The next priority is to order your official transcripts – this is from high school and any colleges you have received any credit from. (This includes one class at a community college even). If any college or university has awarded you any credits then we need an official transcript from them.

7) Identify the person you’d like to ask for your letter of recommendation. This should be someone that you have a professional or academic relationship with (just no friends or family). Ask soon, as it can take people awhile to complete these. Encourage them to do it as soon as they can and be sure to send them a thank you letter for taking the time on your behalf!

8) Once the above items are submitted you may be ready to schedule your interview for the program! Upon completion of your Interview you should know if you are accepted in to the program within a few days.

9) We also have a Facebook admissions Group – where applicants, current students, staff and alumni communicate and network. It’s a great place to get a snapshot of UWS and to ask any questions etc! If you’d like to join please just request to join this group and I’ll let you in! With a Facebook group, we cannot automatically add people – we have to ask them to “request to join”

10) Keep in communication with your admissions advisor to be sure that ALL of your materials were received and please respond back to any questions as soon as you can! Admissions are on a rolling basis, so when the class is full the applications that are “in process” will be deferred to the next start date (fall and spring).

Written by admisisons advisor, Collaine Faddis.