Sports Science Master’s students assist at “Race the Reaper”

Race the Reaper outreach event chiropracticIn the inaugural Race the Reaper event on October 1-2, 2011, to benefit Oregon Mission of Mercy, ten University of Western States students in the Master’s of Sports and Exercise Science program helped Pro Active Physical Therapy and WMI Corp treat some of the approximately 900 registered participants.

Race the Reaper outreach event chiropracticThe five-mile adventure race consisted of eighteen obstacles, 1,000 feet elevation change, and three bodies of water.

Approximately 50 to 60 participants with everything from sprains, blisters, cuts, scrapes and more severe injuries came to the Pro Active and WMI Corp medical tent at the finish line within the two days of the event. UWS students and medical professionals were also stationed at the obstacles along the course to assist with any incidents.

“It was a great opportunity for us as students to learn more about how venues are managed at these types of events, as well as all of the planning and preparation,” Karlie Steiner-Bailey, a master’s student, said. “It was also a good opportunity for us to hone our first aid skills and become more familiar with emergency procedure protocols. All in all, it was a great event with an excellent turn out!”