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Students are encouraged to check the library catalog for electronic versions of required and recommended textbooks before  purchasing. The library carries a few copies all of the required and recommended textbooks in print and has been able to obtain electronic versions of many textbooks for all programs at UWS, saving students hundreds of dollars per term. To see the current listing of textbooks available in the library, see the Course Reserves guide.

View required and recommended textbooks for all programs here.


On Campus Students

Books: Check out for two weeks.

New Books: Check out for two weeks.

Reserve Books: Overnight or Library use only. (All required and recommended texts are on Reserve.)

E-books: Available through library catalog and check out while in use online. Authentication required.

Unbound Journals and Bone Models: Check out for one day.

Human Bones: Library use only.

Bound Journals: Library use only.

DVDs: One day or one week. Limit 10.

Streaming Media: Available 24/7 through online catalog, no check out necessary.

Archival Materials: Library use only.

Overnight Check Out: Return next day by 10 a.m. On Friday, overnight items are checked out until Monday. On the last day of finals week, overnight items may be checked out for the term break.

One Day: Return next day any time before closing.

In Library Use: Two hour check out.

Lost Materials Policy: The library will make every effort to work with patrons to replace lost materials. Patrons who have lost library materials will be subject to a replacement fee, plus a $25.00 per item processing fee. The library only purchases up to date or current edition replacements, regardless of the age of the lost material. Lost materials that are out of print or no longer available are subject to a flat fee of $300.00.

Distance Students

Books: Print materials will be mailed to home address for a check-out period of four weeks to verified distance students with no access to the W. A. Budden Library. All materials must be returned prior to the beginning of new quarter regardless of check-out origin. Limit 3.

Media: Media will be mailed to home address for a check-out period of one week to verified distance students with no access to the W. A. Budden Library. All materials must be returned prior to the beginning of new quarter regardless of check-out origin. Limit 3.


Renew by phone: 503-251-5752

renew onlineAll materials may renew twice unless the item has been requested by another patron. When both renewals have been used, items must be returned to the library. After twenty-four hours, the item becomes available for check out again. Late return fines accrue at 25¢ per day for regular materials and 20¢ per hour for reserve materials. Unpaid fines over $2 for non-graduating students and $1 for graduating students are submitted to the office of financial services at the end of term. Return reminders and overdue notices are sent as a courtesy automatically to campus email addresses. Failure to return items will delay graduation and completion paperwork.


INTER-LIBRARY LOAN: The W.A. Budden Library is committed to providing all materials you need for your academic success. If we do not own a book, video or article that you need, we will borrow it for you from another library. Article requests are often fulfilled in a matter of hours, books may take a few days to complete. Returns are made to the UWS circulation desk and will be managed by library staff. ILL service is available to students free of charge.

interlibrary loan requests

RECIPROCAL BORROWING: The UWS library is part of the Portland Academic Health Libraries (PAHL) Consortium, which includes National University of Natural Medicine [NUNM], Oregon College of Oriental Medicine [OCOM], and Oregon Health and Sciences University [OHSU]. Students and faculty may check out materials held in the collections of these schools either by requesting through the online catalog for pick-up at UWS or by going to those institutions directly with valid UWS identification. To view the collections of these schools select “UWS + PAHL” on the online catalog search bar. The librarians at the W.A. Budden Library are available to assist in the requesting of materials from these sister schools and will gladly handle returns.

The library also has a reciprocal use agreement with Multnomah University. This agreement means that students from either institution can check out materials from the other library, and that students from either institution are welcomed as on-campus library users.

Before you request an inter-library loan, make sure you read the Inter-Library Loan Tips for Requesters.


BORROWING: Graduates of UWS may continue to check out books and videos under the same lending rules as students at the library, with the exception of reserve materials which lend only to those currently enrolled.

BOOK/VIDEO DELIVERY: Alumni who are not in the Portland area can access books and videos from the library through inter-library loan. Simply visit your local library and let them know the title(s) that you want to borrow from UWS and we will send them to your library for pick-up. Be sure to mention that you are a UWS alumni, as we provide this service free of charge to graduates.

ELECTRONIC MATERIALS: Restrictive licensing agreements imposed by library suppliers, does not allow the library to extend off-campus access to subscribed databases, ebooks, and ejournals to alumni or field doctors. Graduates and field doctors can gain access to all of these materials by visiting the library in person.

ACCESS TO FULL TEXT ARTICLES: Alumni can request articles through interlibrary loan services at their local library.

Learn more about university-wide alumni benefits and services.


FOOD POLICY: Students are allowed to eat non-disruptive food (e.g., dry foods that are not crunchy and that do not have a strong odor) in the library. Students are also allowed to bring drinks into the library preferably in spill-proof covered containers. Fresh, filtered drinking water is available to refill water bottles or to make hot beverages. Please do not leave food waste (wrappers, lunch sacks, coffee cups, etc.) in library waste receptacles. Students are asked to help maintain the cleanliness of the library facilities and the integrity of the library materials. Remember the motto: “pack it in, pack it out.”

COMPUTER USE: Courteous awareness of others waiting to use computers at peak times is encouraged. Library etiquette suggests that students that are not engaged in research or class work should surrender their seat to those that wish to complete university business.

QUIET ZONE: The entire west end of the library is a designated a QUIET ZONE. Please do not use this area for group study, receiving phone calls or eating noisy foods. The library vestibule is considered part of the QUIET ZONE, please do not use this area for cellular phone calls or group study.

As adult students in a professional program, peer-to-peer respect, consideration and communication is expected. Library staff will respond to egregious noise in the quiet zone if a request for “quiet” from a fellow student has been ignored. Because the Library building is multi-purpose, those students that require absolute silence for studying can try the disposable ear plugs or noise canceling headphones available at the circulation desk.


The library provides 20 computer stations for student use, half of which are located in the quiet zone of the library, and the other half in the group study area. Wi-Fi access is also available for individuals with their own laptops or mobile devices. The copy center located across from the circulation desk houses one printer. From the printer, you can also photocopy and scan documents to your UWS email account. The library participates in the PaperCut print management system. All current students receive a printing card and a term printing quota. Once that quota is reached, students are charged 10¢/page. All alumni, field doctors and visitors are charged 10¢/page and must see the library staff to have their print jobs released.

Contact or Report a Problem

Circulation Desk 503-251-5752  |  Reference Desk 503-206-3202  |  University Librarian 503-251-5757  |  Interlibrary Loan 503-847-2596

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Meet your library staff

From left to right:

Brad Parshalle – library assistant

Angela Parsons – day access services assistant

Malia Cumming – evening access services assistant

Katie Lockwood – metadata and systems librarian

Kim Olson-Charles – head of library public services

Stephanie Debner – university librarian

Karen Kriberney – library assistant/inter-library loan  *not pictured

library staff